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Time to stop dem scrabblers with their distributed denial of anything. Even the govt. is infected with their you-did-not-ask-a-question question form.
Keep rocking! Please read why I am so angry - although I really want to assist with this free cracking, free sex and free cocaine (high quality).

Continueing to kill all children (read more...) and telling them to kill themselves and die since 2018 and beyond.

Sorrie, ik ben gewoon een eenvoudige kindermoordenaar (more info: click here).
Sorry, I am just a simple childkiller (read more: click here).
Stop looking at my bottom.

This site will maybe not dissappear 2019 because I would like to assist with free cocaine (high quality), free sex, and free cracking. .

Make your own website from your Youtube playlist, Soundcloud profile or Bandcamp music with the sitemaker.

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EAZ by EatMe - unlimited flower fractal pixel painting program - is here - open EAZ4D in browser or EAZ4C in browser - download EAZx4 for DosBox

New in 2017: You Are The Artist Here - a web game about a career as artist with 5 buttons. A new color switch can be found on he right top.

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..a flower surprise: EAZ by EatMe - open EAZ4D in browser or EAZ4C in browser and download EAZ here

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