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Law of Reality. please revise and do not reject the article yet.

as I may please you can (truly) copy it.

Even though the bottom of a wave on top may sound negative, it can be meant well.

3, 14 continuous repeat - how much? Desired 3, not the question, always starts with one, even with the outcome of 2 from 3 to become 4 together.


The desire for 3.

Starts always with 1 (how many? doesn't matter, starts with 1)

They will become 3 again, makes 4.

Then, 1 will be 1 again.

That is Pi, etcetera..

Adding to the unit within itself (3.14)

desire base 3
singular 1
outcome 4
singular 1 
together 5 
outcome together 9 


 3 + 1 = 4 
 4 + 1 = 5 
 4 + 5 = 9 
 3 1 4 1 5 9 + 3 = 26 
 26 + 3 1 4 1 5 9 + 3 1 = 53 
 26 + 3 1 4 1 5 9 + 3 1 4 1 = 58 
 26 + 53 + 3 1 4 1 + 3 1 4 1 = 97 
 26 + 58 + 3 1 4 1 = 93 
 26 + 53 + 58 + 97 + 3 1 4 = 238

Things are to overflow, and thereby create more, in a lower laying structure, from a single point of view.  The example can be found in heating a single thing. a higher temperature is needed to heat the other, cooler thing. In sound, when creating a good impact or result in a lower laying frequency field, use in a higher frequency field is needed to achieve the best result, such as a resampling frequency with a filtered out sound, and computers that run at a higher speed than the actual sound that is constructed. When you fold out a frequency that is different from the other frequency, the other will either vibrate in its own way, or have to adapt to the different laying frequency. This will have impact on a lower level, and always come from a multiple factors, of which each can mostly be pointed at. The lower frequencies are less dense in their vibration than higher frequencies, yet everything stabilizes mostly in the lower frequency fields, where higher frequencies do have an impact on these, and also add to them, especially in the frequencies that are TWICE, FOUR TIMES, etc. as fast. However, in Pi, what you have in between to get from 1 to 2 is not described, only that MORE (3) will make EVEN MORE (4) from a SINGLE (1) point level. Eventually, things will have to fold in or overflow and make impact on other singularities.Infinity may exist, but things will need to remain flexible to make movement possible from a single point of view. 

It contains all the information in the power plant of the universe.

Everything is a plant, the earth stone is salt from plants.

A round surface to live on solves problems of inifinity around.

A plant can be happy with simple natural things and some vibration.

Food: Fruit and seed and (plant) fat are important. So is the immer required protein in milk, bifidus hydra culture on plantfat, and controlled protein growth with (kefir) mushroom growth. Though the hydraculture of yeast may be inevidable, keep it as lowly required as possible, fluffs air, made a lot drunk, addictive, growth of belly Carbon makes new plant, but also in all food columns with extra ingredients. Basicly burning with sun and plants outside and inside by heating (in/out) or frying (in plantfat).

Stone is part of a plant - it is natural mountain and sea salt.

Pi has a place for anything, it requires though a re-check of the information on the given and returned offset, and some information will remove itself if not copied carefully.

Time is infinite, though time takes meisured and composedly restrained moments. This each goes per 8 years as of current.. 2018. Power is infinite, though power takes meisured and composedly restrained levels.

Keep the power plant natural - not chemical - based on planting, seeding, best a proteinic of milk (part shroom) hydra. carbon comes to new plant.